Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Singapore Science Centre #2/2

ECOGARDEN @ Singapore Science Centre

Here are the other photos (fruit tree & herbal plants) taken during the trip to Singapore Science Centre on last Saturday.

(1) Sugar Apple

(2) Oyster Plant

(3) Tartarian Aster

(4) White Heads

White Heads to cure "white heads" (white/grey hair & balding)... Very interesting. ;p

[Visit Singapore Science Centre #1/2 for photos published earlier in Dora's Weekend Snapshot & Ruby Tuesday post.]


Anonymous said...

Hahhahaa...the white heads can cure white hair I makan arh!! :P
... time to dye hair again *gulpz*

Four-eyed-missy said...

Would love to have the white head plants for me@! *lol* I'm graying prematurely.

SandyCarlson said...

That must be quite a place.

Unknown said...

Interesting plants! I hadn't seen these before. I think I need some white heads. :)

CK Ng said...

Very educational post. Happy WW! :)

tigerfish said...

Never heard of these plants...

bluedreamer27 said...

that was great and very informative
well i never got a chance to see those herbal plants
but then thanks for sharing it onto us
by the way thanks for visiting my blog
i put your links on my blog roll at my "bluedreamer's top five blog"
so i can make a visit here again in your blog
have a GREAT day and Gos bless

Anonymous said...

Great collection of photos and an interesting post! :o)

Dora said...

napaboaniya: Ya, from the description, it seems like a miracle plant...But, wonder who have tried & got successful results? Maybe can interview that person...;p
zj & lisaschaos: Let me "fedex" some to u? (*just joking*...i'll be caught stealing the plants if i were to do it. ;p)
sandycarlson: Yes, i actually prefer the ECOGARDEN at the centre to the indoor exhibits.
ck-ii & pixiekatten: Ur post is also very informative. :)
tigerfish: Yup, this is my first time seeing them and so took those pics.
bluedreamer27: Thanks for listing my blog. Glad that u like my posts. Cheers & have a nice weekend soon. ;)

Food For Tots said...

Sugar apple - Haven't been eating it for a very very long time. Can hardly get from the market.
Oyster plant - used to drink it to stop nose bleeding during my childhood days.
Tartarian aster - never heard b4. Really effective?
White heads - I luv this one! Sounds great! Works wonder?

Dora said...

food fot tots: We used to grow sugar apples when we were staying at lim chu kang. Oh, so you have tried Oyster plant...that's interesting!

bluedreamer27 said...

hello again dora its me blue!
just visitng you here again have a great day