Sunday, March 8, 2009

Braised Sweet Preserved Vegetables with Roasted Pork

Braised Sweet Preserved Vegetables with Roasted Pork

This is my favourite one-dish meal prepared by my chef. It goes well with both porridge and steamed rice.

1. Sweet Preserved Mustard
2. Roasted Pork
3. Garlic (chopped)
4. Dark Soya Sauce (~ 2 tbsp)
5. Cooking Oil
6. Water (~ 150 ml)

Sweet Preserved Mustard

Main Ingredients

1. Soak the mustard in water for ~ 30 min. Wash the mustard and then drain off the water.

Sweet Preserved Mustard (Soaked)

2. Place the mustard in boiling water and then cook for ~ 2 min to remove dirt thoroughly and also the excess saltiness/sweetness in the mustard. Drain off the water. Cut the mustard.

Sweet Preserved Mustard (Boiled)

3. Heat the oil in wok and then put in the chopped garlic. Stir fry until fragrance.

4. Add in the roasted pork and then stir fry for ~ 1 min.

5. Put in the cut mustard and stir fry for ~ 2 min. Add the dark soya sauce and then stir fry for another ~ 1 min.

6. Add the water and cover the wok with a lid.

7. Simmer for around ~ 45 min and then serve with steamed rice or porridge.


Anonymous said...

oh me oh my..that looks so good and delicious!

Anya said...

That sounds delicious :))))))))
Again a nice recipe!!!
Thanks, I'm going to try to make it
yummieeeeeeeeee :)))))

Anonymous said...

So qiao as I'm typing this now I'm also chewing on roasted pork :P

Happy 三八节!!!

eastcoastlife said...

This is one of my favourite dishes. My hubby's too. Just last night we were having it at Maxwell Road hawker centre. :)

Food For Tots said...

My mom used to cook this dish at home. U r making me homesick now....:(. My hubby and I luv it very much.

tigerfish said...

This is definitely a Hakka dish - very common in Taiwan Hakka eateries. Love it with rice.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, looks delicious!

Rasa Malaysia said...

My late parents' nostalgic. :(

Anonymous said...

this looks delicious. thanks for visiting my WS!

SASSY MOM said...

Made me hungry ... yummm! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi DOra, that loos delicious. :-) Thanks for checking on my entry, BTW.

Indrani said...

You seem to be a efficient cook, churning out one dish after another. Neat shots!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

those food surely looks yummy to me! i envy you with such a great talent in cooking.

MommaWannabe said...

Mmm I can smell the garlic. This dish sounds delicious.