Saturday, January 16, 2010

It Meows #66

If you like the book I can has cheezburger? : a LOLcat collekshun (ISBN: 978-1-592-40409-4), you might like to read How to Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcat Guide 2 Winning (ISBN: 978-1592405169) as well.

According to the It Meows team, cats have already "taken over the world"! Why? It's because many cat lovers like cats to the extent of owning stuffed cats [1, 2].

Stuffed Cat

Cats have won over the hearts of many human beings. However, have you ever seen a cat playing with a "stuffed human being"??? ;p


Maria @ LSS said...

Oh, I would love to have one of those too.

Have a wonderful weekend Dora!

Anya said...

I wish I had that book :-)
It sounds VERY interesting !!!!
Have a nice weekend
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

LifeRamblings said...

sounds like an interesting read. happy weekend Dora.

Ellen Whyte said...

Teh books look good. Hey, do you think lions and tigers and sharks avoid eating us because they never can tell what we are stuffed with??? If they bit you they'd get Chinese veggy; if they bit me it might be bread and cheese.... So better pick animals with a "preferred diet" :P

Unknown said...

No I have not, lol..

Bob said...

I love to have both of those too.I have two cats already.I love them so much.
Thanks for posting.