Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teochew Ku Chye Kueh

The Ku Chye (Chinese Chives; 韭菜) Kueh is another well known Teochew delicacy. This kueh is made of Ku Chye and dried shrimps as fillings.


SandyCarlson said...


Christina Kim said...

Wow, this is a long forgotten's been so long since I've seen this, thanks for bringing this back, it looks really nice!~:D

Dora said...

sandycarlson: Do u want to have some? Let me "fedex" to u. Ha ha. ;p

christy: U're welcome. ;)

bluedreamer27 said...

wow sounds and looks yummy hehe
chinese cuisine was great especially their creative way of presenting it and the garnishing ...they look so tempting hehe
have a great day its nice to be here at your blog
hope you can visit me too at
have a great day and more power

Tastes of Home said...

I love this kueh for sure..and yours look so yummy :)

Anonymous said...


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Dora said...

bluedreamer27: Thanks for visiting. Glad that u like this chinese delicacy. ;)

tastes of home: I used to avoid Ku Chye Kuehs (don't like the smell & taste) and only eat the Turnip ones when my chef prepared them. However, recently my taste buds start to appreciate them. ;)

monochrome friday: Thanks for visiting. And yes, i visited ur interesting blog.

tigerfish said...

I'm ok with ku chye keuh. But I heard my friend saying that women breastfeeding better not eat coz will reduce milk supply! :O ....hahaha...I no experience in that but that is just what I heard.

Dora said...

Is it? I have no experience either. ;p Then they should eat more papayas after that? Ha ha.