Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hong Kong Pastries @ SGD0.90

Located opposite the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (四马路观音堂), this shop sells yummy Hong Kong pastries, like Por Lor Bao (Pineapple Buns or 菠萝包) and egg tarts at SGD0.90 each.

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries

Assorted Hong Kong Pastries

Por Lor Bao (Plain / Custard)

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries
Block 269 Queen Street #01-248 (s) 180269


Little Inbox said...

Got Lor Poh Peng or not? I like it. :)

msdewberry said...

Yum!! I should of looked at these after supper instead of before. Now I am really hungry!!

Unknown said...

yum-o! they look appetizing!

chryseisvivienne said...

yummy!!! by the way, I sent the jpg file to your email. I hope you got your banana list. :)

thanks for dropping by! :)

Weekend Snapshot said...

I love those pastries with custard filling :)

Thank you for joining this week's WS!

Karen said...

Can u give me some? Just kidding.
Happy WS!

Juliana said...

Hmmm....looks yummy

My entry this week : in HERE. I hope you have time to visit. Thanks

bluedreamer27 said...

i think its perfect with Hot choco
what yah think...

by the way, hope you dont mind
i got a new site,
hope you can place it in your blog roll... thanks a lot!!!
oh are you a fan or an avid listener of Diana Ross Song? blog idol round 6 just got started and contenders were assigned to pick a song from her
...have a great day and happy blogging!!!


Marites said...

oh, those look really good and yummy! My WS is up too.

Ozzy's Mom said...

that looks like our local hopia. looks yummy :) happy ws!

LifeRamblings said...

they look delicious.

Kero said...

can i have one of the custard bread please? thank you!! thank you too for the visit, Dora! till next WS!

eastcoastlife said...

They have a branch in Chinatown where I usually buy my snacks. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I can eat dozen of those - or a small mountain of those - or eat until I can't breath - look so good!

Anya said...

Hi Dora
I am all checked everything was okay.
I was just fainted and ended up wrong.
I am now equipped because I've slept a lot.
I have a part of my face blue with a little yellow ;(
Thanks for all the kind words :)
Anya :)

Race said...

oh you've got yummy treats here! you got my mouth water over those pastries!