Saturday, April 10, 2010

It Meows #71

The Singapore Blog Awards 2010 is here! Like last year, on behalf of the It Meows team, I have registered for the Most Laugh-Out-Loud Blog Award catergory. Do support us and also join us in the fun! Thanks. :)


LifeRamblings said...

all the best in your endeavours. hope you'll win.

tigerfish said...

One year already? So fast ah? Can start voting for your blog already or not?

Liz said...

Good luck Dora, I hope you win. Do tell us when the voting starts. :)

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Jama said...

Good luck Dora!

Little Inbox said...

Ganbatte! I'll support you!

Food For Tots said...

Sure! Sure! Will definitely vote for you. Last year I joined as a voter and won a Vado. Hopefully this year I am lucky too. Kekekeke!

Anya said...



Dora :))))))

(I'm happy you are back !!!)
(Sorry i'm late i'm bloglazy ;)