Sunday, October 19, 2008

Singapore Science Centre #1/2

It has been a very long time (~10 years) since i visited the Singapore Science Centre... Since the Science of F1 Exhibition is still on, i took the opportunity to visit the Science Centre with my friend.

Here are some photos taken yesterday.

(1) Tommy Goh's Ferrari Enzo

(2) Tree House @ ECOGARDEN

(3) Surinam Cherry @ ECOGARDEN

More photos coming up in Dora's Wordless Wednesday post (Singapore Science Centre #2/2) soon...



hola saludos desde naranjos veracrus mexico

Anonymous said...

wow! to the car!!

Anonymous said...

You got my adrenalin pumping fast early this morning with these cars! :P
My apad WSS entry also taken at Science Center :)

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...
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Dora said...

erik labastida medellin: Thanks for visiting.

fickleminded. Yup, very awesome hor.

napaboaniya: Too bad, we can't have free rides. Maybe we were there at the same time. ;)

Anonymous said...

i like the tree house:) Wonder how it is to stay there for a night:) my WS is up too.

Anonymous said...

Very cool photos!


Kero said...

cool ferrari! reminds me of the motorshow we attended last year. Happy Monday! my WS entry is here

SandyCarlson said...

Nice little car!

Anonymous said...

When my friend went to Singapore, he also posed a lot in that motor show! Great shots. I love the last one the most.

My WS are posted here and here. Have a great week ahead!

tigerfish said...

It will be more than 20 years for me then, since I visited the Science Center.

Unknown said...

Wow!!!bigman toys look cool(Ferrari).
Happy WS.

Jackie said...

Hi Dora,
Wow to the car yes. But all of the pictures are fantastic.

I love that you shared so many different places.

Happy WS:-)

Darkspore said...

The Enzo is so sleek! Reminds me of my PGR game on the Xbox.

Dora said...

marites: Hmmm...there're fans there and think the space is big enough to put a single bed there. ;p
paz & sandycarlson: Glad that u like them. Thanks.
kero: How nice if we have one too right? Happy WS & RT to u too.
familiakhuletz: Maybe next time u can also pose in motor shows and share with us ur cool pictures? ;)
tigerfish: Ha ha. I suppose it's even a longer time since we last visited other places like SG zoo & bird park? ;p
uncleawang: Yup. So envy them.
shinade: Glad that u like them. More pictures coming up tomorrow. Cheers!
darkspore: Ha ha. So u actually "own" one when u were gaming...;p