Monday, November 24, 2008

Stir Fried Vegetarian Meat & Kidney

I believe some of you have tried stir fried pig's kidney and/or liver with ginger and dark soy sauce? This is a common blood-nourishing dish among Chinese females and can also be found on a confinement menu.

My chef have prepared this vegetarian version of the dish using vegetarian meat and kidney. For vegetarians and those who avoid pig's kidney/liver (contains high concentration of purine) due to diseases such as gout, you may like to whip up this vegetarian dish using the following recipe. I'm not a vegetarian but i prefer this dish to the one using pig kidney/liver since the latter has too much of "porky" taste which i dislike. ;p


1. Vegetarian Meat [Jin Si Pian (金丝片) from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier]
2. Vegetarian Kidney (from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier)
3. Ginger Strips
4. Small Chili Strips
5. Sesame Oil
6. Vegetarian Oyster Sauce*
7. Black Soy Sauce*
8. Light Soy Sauce*
9. Cornflour, mixed with Water (~100ml)

*Add the amount of sauces according to your taste and colour preference.


1. Rinse the vegetarian meat and kidney.
2. Heat the sesame oil in a wok and then add in the ginger and chili strips.
3. Add the vegetarian meat and kidney and stir fry them for ~ 2 min.
4. Pre-mix the sauces and the cornflour solution and then add the resulting solution.
5. Stir fry the dish for ~ 1 min and cover the wok with a lid.
6. Simmer for around ~ 1-2 min and then serve with steamed rice or porridge.

Other Vegetarian Dishes:
1. Braised Vegetarian Meat
2. Stir Fried Vegetables with "Prawns"


tigerfish said...

I prefer the "meat" version...if it is well-cooked with no too much porky smell ;p

Anonymous said...

id love vegetarian food.. But no vegetarian meat supplier here in my town.. :(

Anonymous said...

looks yummy! but liver is my fave so I think I will have a hard time eliminating that in my diet.:-)

Anonymous said...

Would love to try vegetarian food for a step to being healthy.

Thanks for dropping by!

Indrani said...

The dish reads yummm.

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

My mom is a vegetarian and the vegetarian kidney is one of my favourite. I love the "jun jun" feel of it :)

Anonymous said...

sounds intriguing..although i prefer the "meat" version but your pic looks yummy:)

Anonymous said...

wow, it looks yummy! thanks for sharing the recipe! happy ws! :)

sweetytots said...

mee too i prefer the meat version.. my entry is here my other entry is here at sweetytots

Food For Tots said...

I luv vegetarian food especially the vegetarian honey char siew that is available at our wet market. R u a fan of vegetarian food too?

Ibyang said...

seems pretty easy :)
and healthy too.

Carver said...

That sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

seems healthy.

thanks for dropping by my WS

Jeanne said...

i love vegetarian food too

Little Inbox said...

I like vegetarian kidney very much. I cook it almost the same way like your chef did, but was not adding any chili, just lots of fried ginger strips and sesame oil.

Dora said...

tigerfish: Any tips on how to cook it without having too much porky smell?

joie: Maybe u can try online stores?

Kerslyn & sweetytots: Oh i see. ;)

Tere: Do try. There are some vegetarian dishes which i have tried that are very tasty and healthy.

Indrani & Carver: And healthy too.

Napaboaniya: Ha ha. So u like vegetarian fish balls which are also "jun jun"?

marites1034: Hee Hee. U might like to give it a try too.

Dhadha: No problem. I love to.

Food for Tots & Jeanne: I'm a omnivore and i love vegetarian dishes as long they're tasty. ;p

lbyang: Maybe u can try cooking too...

milet: Yup. ;)

Little Inbox: Small chilis were added to give more flavour. :)