Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY Special - VII

Spent my weekends attending CNY dinner and gathering organised by the HePo (or HoPo) Wong Clan (河婆黄氏宗亲家族) and the Singapore HoPo Corporation (新加坡河婆集团) respectively. HePo (or HoPo) is a dialect group (which my chef belongs to) of the Hakkas.

The HePo Wong Clan CNY dinner was held at the Boon Lay Raja Restaurant (文礼楼).

HePo Wong Clan CNY Dinner 2009

Besides the 8-course meal, Yusheng (Raw Fish Salad; 鱼生) was served also.


The Yusheng was tossed and auspicious wishes were said out loud during the Loh Hei (捞起) celebration.

Loh Hei

Besides food, there were also karaoke, quizzes and lucky draw. This is the 3rd year which I have attended the CNY dinner but I still did not manage to get any lucky draw prize (FairPrice vouchers). So sad...Hope to get one next year? ;)

Lucky Draw Numbers

The CNY gathering organised by the Singapore HoPo Corporation was held at its office at Phoenix Heights. Dishes like Hakka Lei Cha (客家擂茶), Yusheng and Muah Chee were served.

Muah Chee

For Hakka Lei Cha, besides steamed rice, puffed rice was also available.

Puffed Rice

Today is the 7th day of CNY (which is known as Ren Ri or 人日 by the Chinese) and to celebrate Ren Ri, 7 types of vegetables (such as Chinese leeks, Chinese leek flower, long beans, Cai Sim and etc) were used as ingredients for the Hakka Lei Cha.

Happy Ren Ri (人日) to everyone who celebrates it. :)


LEon said...

time flies. Happy Ren Ri (人日) to you too!

Little Inbox said...

Har??? I never know muah chee can be one of the CNY dish too?

Anonymous said...

Happy 人日!!
I've heard of the hakkas but it's a first I'm hearing of the hepo dialect.

Anonymous said...

wow....all looks yummy :D

thanks drop at my ws post.

eastcoastlife said...

Happy 人日!!

I wonder how Hakka food tastes.

maiylah said...

hopefully you will have the lucky ticket next year. :)
the Yusheng looks interesting!

Happy Ren Ri!

Carver said...

That looks like a delicious feast.

Indrani said...

Happy Ren Ri to you too!

Food For Tots said...

I luv 客家擂茶. Any good place selling this dish in Spore?

♥peachkins♥ said...

this is very interesting..

thanks for droppin by,dora..

Anonymous said...

sounds like you've had some fun with your CNY celebrations:) oh, i'd like to try the puffed rice. We have some here but sweetened and formed like balls. My Ws entry is up too.

Anonymous said...

wow, so many food! you sure know how to celebrate CNY :)