Friday, May 14, 2010

It Meows #76

Photo taken in the 1980s in Lim Chu Kang, together with my cat, "Blackie".


stan said...

those memories...:)

Unknown said...

Very cute! It's nice to see old photos. :)

Anya said...

Very funny Dora :)

select food
and you find the cola bottle
coffee is a image from google ;)


Food For Tots said...

My son is also camera-shy. Nice photo!

LifeRamblings said...

what a cute photo.

tigerfish said...

Very funny, covering your face with the flower.

Jama said...

So you grew up in a kampung? me too,we only moved to a flat in the 70's when the kampung land was acquired by the govt.
I love McD's apple pie, just stop a while to photographed it, after that , it's finished within minutes! and one is definitely is not enough.

Gattina said...

How cute ! Looks like my cat Rosie also black & white !