Monday, October 24, 2011

Singapore HoPo Corporation 30th Anniversary Celebration

The Singapore HoPo Corporation celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday at Choa Chu Kang Community Centre. A Hakka food bazaar was held in the afternoon at the basketball court and Hakka specialty food, like Lui Cha (1, 2), Yong Tau Foo, China Leek Kueh, Braised Pork & Steamed Buns, Sweet Puffed Rice Crackers and etc. sold like hot cakes!


Lui Cha - Rice & Vegetables

Lui Cha - Pot & Soup

Sweet Puffed Rice Crackers

Muah Chee

Michelle selling big guavas

Big Jackfruit

Stall selling food like prawn ngoh hiang, yong tau foo & braised pork with steamed buns

The Management team with MP Ms Low Yen Ling

Huang Peiru was seen here with her family

The crowd


More than 1300 guests, including the HoPo people from various parts of Malaysia were invited to the 9-course dinner.

More than 130 tables in the hall & at the basketball court outside the hall (see pic above & below)

Souvenirs for the guests

The talented MC sang 2 songs

MP Mr Gan Kim Yong

Representatives from Singapore & various parts of Malaysia

Mr Gan with the awardees

Marcus Chin sang songs from his upcoming album


The 9-course dinner

Cold Platter

Stew - Small Abalones, Dried Scallops, Sea Cucumbers, Mushrooms & etc

Roasted Suckling Pig & Keropok

Broccoli & Scallops

Braised Scallops, Mushrooms & etc

Steamed Fish


Braised Pork & Steamed Buns

Sweet Yam Paste



Anya said...

Hi Dora
it looks so fantastic
and your food
looks so delicious :-)
I hope it was yummy ......

(nice to see a post again :-)

jayati_seo said...

The pics are nice and your food looks really delicious and tasty......

Anya said...

We want to wish you and yours
enjoy New Years Eve with your family

Hugs from your Dutch friends :)