Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hakka Peanut Kueh

The Hakka Peanut Kueh (Tou Ban or 桃粄) is the Hakka version of Teochew Png Kueh. Instead of using glutinous rice, the Hakka Tou Ban has grounded roasted peanut and fine salt as main ingredients.

Like the Teochew Png Kueh, the Hakka Tou Ban is an all-time favourite snacks for many occasions, such as during tea time, wedding ceremony and baby's full month celebration. Despite this, it is uncommon to see Tou Ban at food stalls. Hakka people usually prepare the Tou Ban themselves or buy them from others. My chef is one of the "suppliers" for this homemade delicacy sometimes. She has a few peach-shaped moulds used to make the Tou Ban. The wooden one shown below was passed down to her by my grandmother!

Hakka 101

Tou2: Peach; 桃
Ban3: Kueh; 粄

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tigerfish said...

Think I prefer the real savory ones to peanut ones even if there is salt added to the latter :P