Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Dates & Longans Drink

If you are looking for a delicious and nourishing drink, you may like to try out this simple recipe for Red Dates and Longans Drink. This nutritious drink helps to improve blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

Longing for a Date?

You should have these:

1. Dried Red Dates (1 bowl)
2. Dried Longans (0.5 bowl)
3. Water (4 bowls)

and then Do these:

1. Rinse the red dates and longans.
2. Crush the red dates and put them into a pot together with the longans.
3. Boil the water in a separate pot.
4. Pour the boiling water into the pot containing the red dates and longans. Cover the pot with a lid and leave it for at least an hour before consuming the drink*.

* It is advised to pour the drink into a vacuum flask to keep it warm for consumption later.

Hope U enjoy ur Date!


Pretty Life Online said...

Nice one for WS! Have a nice day ahead!!!! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.

SandyCarlson said...

I guess it's worth a try! Great photos.

Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Humm,, whats the taste like???? I like the pics of your Hakka Peanut Kueh,, looks nice,, mine is up

Juliana said...

hmmm...i never try that. i wonder how it is taste :D

Please drop at my Ws post also : in HERE Thanks

stan said...

I understand that this is supposed to be good for the throat or seomthing?

Dora said...

pretty life online: sure, will drop by ur blog. ;)

sandycarlson: thanks for visiting. :)

joy & juliana rw: it tastes great! sweet & rich fragrance esp from the longans. u may like to give it a try. ;p

sho: no, it is not for the throat. it is "heaty" in nature and helps to relieve fatigue such as during periods. Don't drink it when u have sore throat or fever.

tigerfish said...

I was thinking that red dates are supposed to be "heaty" too.

Dora said...

Yes, tigerfish. Both red dates and longans are "heaty".

Jackie said...

Sounds and looks yummy. I am a newbie to WS. This is my first time.

I do so hope you can drop by.:-)

I hope you have a great week!!:-))