Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here again. This year, i am happy and honoured to celebrate the festival with 大少爷. Errr....Oops! Should be 大劭爷 which is the name for a mooncake brand. ;)
Yes, we have bought four vegetarian mooncakes from 大劭爷 (Yahweh Delicacies). According to the salesperson, the fake egg yokes in the mooncakes are actually made of carrots which are more healthy than real egg yokes! The sweet (lotus seed / red bean paste) and salty ("egg yokes") combination really suit my taste buds well. Perhaps because i am a combination of the two dialect groups - Teochew and Hakka?

Besides eating mooncakes, you may be interested to visit Clarke Quay to see lantern displays featuring the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals and twenty four Chinese opera figurines. If you are Hello Kitty fans, you may also like to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Hello Kitty & Friends at the Chinese Garden. See here for other Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

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tigerfish said...

Carrot egg yolks...really healthy!
How is the texture of the carrot yolks? Soft or crumbly?