Monday, October 6, 2008

Braised Vegetarian Meat

I'm not a vegetarian...but there are several vegetarian dishes which please my taste buds. One of them is my chef's homemade specialty - braised vegetarian meat. This is a rather simple recipe which i am going to share it with you today. Hope you like it. Cheers!

1. Vegetarian Meats* ("Pork", "Roasted Pork" & "Mutton")
2. Dried Mushrooms
3. Ginger (a few slices)
4. Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (~ 2 tbsp)
5. Light Soya Sauce (~ 2 tbsp)
6. Dark Soya Sauce (~ 2 tbsp)
7. Cooking Oil (~ 1 tbsp)
8. Water (~ 500ml)

* We bought the vegetarian meats from Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier.

1. Can also add bean curd (cubes), bean curd sticks and black fungus.
2. Add the amount of sauces according to your taste and colour preference.

1. Rinse the vegetarian meats and soak the dried mushrooms in water.
2. Heat the cooking oil in a wok and then add in the ginger slices.
3. Add the dried mushrooms, then the vegetarian meat and stir fry them for ~ 5 min.
4. Add the sauces and then stir fry them for another ~ 5 min.
5. Add the water and cover the wok with a lid.
6. Simmer for around ~ 45 min and then serve with steamed rice or porridge.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegetarian myself but your recipe looks so yummy!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

your recipe looks yummy..might wanna try it sometime

Juliana RW said...

thanks for sharing the recipe..

Please drop at my WS post also : in HERE Thanks

tigerfish said...

What goes into vegetarian "mutton", "pork" and siow bak, har ?

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

My mom's 100% vegetarian and this recipe you've kindly shared with us will definitely come in handy for me :)
Have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

i'm not a vegetarian, too but i nevertheless appreciate vegetarian fare. this looks really good!

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Kero said...

yummy! i like anything with fresh mushroom. I got to try these over the next supper. Thank you for sharing and for the visit as well. Till next weekend!

SandyCarlson said...

Sounds oh, so good to me--and I am a vegetarian!

Little Inbox said...

Ahhh, this one must be delicious...Not like you, I'm too lazy to make my own.
There's once I dine in an organic vegetarian restaurant operated by an Taiwanese lady. She made a very delicious vegetarian meat. All natural ingredients like soy, pumpkin, sweet potato, mushroom, water chestnut...Sounds interesting? She is really passion to cooking.

Jeanne said...

that looks delicious

Dora said...

fickleminded, peachkins & munchkin mommy: Glad that you like this dish. Thanks for ur sweet comments. ;)

picturing of life: U're welcome. Visited ur blog and found some interesting and cute photo shots!

tigerfish: The "mutton" is made of dried mushrooms stems while "pork" and "siow bak" are made from gluten, soya beans, etc.

napaboaniya: Oh... what a coincidence! ;)

kero: I used dried mushrooms leh. ;p

sandycarlson: So glad that u like it too. ;)

little inbox: Hee hee. This was my chef's. I have not tried cooking vegetarian dish yet.

jeanne: hope u're not salivating. ;p

MumbaiiteAnu said...

fantastic mouth watering recipe. I will surely try it.
Visiting from Anus Photo Blog

Carver said...

That looks great. I used to be a vegetarian and my daughter still is a vegetarian. I still don't eat much meat so I'll have to try that.

Anonymous said...

very healthy...and i'm sure it tastes good

tanabata said...

Sounds good, and healthy too. :)

Dora said...

mumbaiiteanu, carver, girlie & tanabata: glad that u like the recipe. thanks for visiting and leaving ur sweet comments. ;)