Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet & Spicy Fish Crackers

If you like sweet and spicy snacks, I'm sure you will like these fish crackers from Malaysia:

Keropok Sira

As the ingredients (Tepung Ubi, Ikan, Minyak sayuran, Garam, Gula & Lada) are written in Malay language, I have no idea of what the ingredients are except for "Ikan" and "Gula" which I understand as "Fish" and "Sugar" respectively. Maybe someone can help me? :)


Symphony of Love said...

I would love to taste this. Please pass me some at Sembawang. :P

Ellen Whyte said...

Tepung Ubi, tapioca flour
Ikan, fish
Minyak sayuran, vegetable oil
Garam, salt
Gula, sugar,
Lada, pepper

Great to see you again! Squizzles to the kitty.

Ayie said...

i miss that! yummy treat!

LifeRamblings said...

it's one of my favourite snacks. :)

tigerfish said...

I cannot help! :O

Never seen sweet and spicy crackers before, except the "snack satay" stick sold in the school canteen when I was a kid. were too young still

Jama said...

It's "tapioca flour, fish, vegetable oil, salt, sugar and chilli". I love this snack! I'm from the kampung of Ang Mo Kio! lol

Little Inbox said...

From Malaysia? I haven't seen it before, hehe...

Unknown said...

Never seen such a thing, but they remind me of the fried pork skins my husband likes to eat.

Anya said...

Looks very interesting
I wish I could tast it ^___^


Have a Happy Weekend

Kareltje & Anya